Case Studies

Case studies: what about them?

Case studies are an invaluable tool to your marketing efforts.  Think of it this way- whenever you go out to buy a product, you first ask people about it so you know that you’re spending your money in the right place. The next thing that you do is look for reviews of other people. And you might even do some online research yourself.  These investigations by the customer are done so that they can save themselves from a terrible experience.

Are they relevant today?

Yes, it is! Stats reveal that 9/10 people look for online recommendations, reviews and customer reactions of a product. For any market analyst, this is an important tool using which amendments can be made to marketing strategies and future products.

How is it done?

One of the first things you have to do is decide your subject of study. Case studies can be done on anything imaginable. The next thing to consider is if anything similar can be studied simultaneously. The study involves an in dept understanding of the whole occurrence- what caused it, what were the consequences, was it a fluke event or a case of fraud. A thorough investigation followed by implementation of the studies in everyday life is what completes the study.

So, why should you really invest in Case studies?

Custom tailored for any niche

Case studies are very specific and targeted to a niche.  They usually focus on the customer and tell a lot more about how your product has been used, rather than telling about yourself.  After all, the customer experience is the hallmark for any business and this is maximized when the customer gets to tell his side of the story about your company and product.  Future prospects decide looking at these.

Not just this, but case studies also reflect how successful your product has been. Action always speaks louder than words; hence your target audience will naturally be inclined to witnessing the implementation of product rather than the potentiality on paper.

Case Studies are Inexpensive

As the proverb goes, “Faith can move mountains”, in this case, this is actually true. When a customer believes in your product, your success story is shaped around it and this allows you to convey a lot of information.  A well designed case study will enable you to showcase your success on paper and thus you can guide your customers into their decision making process.


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