Press Releases

A press release does the job of announcing your products. Yes there will be plenty of drum roll and trumpeting, but in a much different way. It is the tool that doesn’t initiate a journalist to write an article about your product, rather it is published as an article. Don’t write the conventional press releases, that’s old school and ineffective. Write stories, hot news and fact-filled information that are bound to snatch those 5-10 minutes away from your prospect. PRs are always easy and aid your paid advertising program. It can give you exposure like no other, and if your content is good, you can even watch it go viral!

The new age press releases are such that anything you publish becomes web content, which means it has a good shot at automatically becoming news! You’re trading words for traffic here.

Quoting Spiderman,”with great power, comes great responsibility.” You do have the power of the media, which can probably grow your business overnight, but it is your responsibility to provide them with a story that’s worth telling. Here’s one way to ensure it by asking yourself these questions-

  1. Is there anything “new” in my story?
  2. Is there anything unusual and unexpected about it?
  3. Would this interest non business people too?
  4. Will anyone actually care?

The last one might seem harsh, but every marketing effort of yours must be fruitful. And that comes about only when people care and reciprocate.

The trick to an unbeatable PR is great headlines, being concise in the content and using quotes to provide more insight into what you say.

At WiseWordsPro, here’s what we can offer in this niche-

  • PRs on new products, new applications and programs.
  • PRs on new services, new employees.
  • PRs on appreciations and awards won.
  • PRs to promote new talent.

“WiseWordsPro has a magnanimous team of experts in PR, so we ensure you the spotlight from our end.”


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