Sales letters

What’s the whole deal here?

The true essence of a great product lies not just in the type of product, but how it’s pitched to potential customers. In the absence of a salesman, you will need a bunch of magic words that work- to sell your product. When done right, the written words are highly persuasive tools. Enter Sales letters or marketing letters that are the “magic words” that generate business leads, introduces your product offering and ultimately converts the visitors into your loyal customers. Good copywriting is all about writing copies keeping the client in mind, not the business.

There are many ways to sell your product- some con the customers into buying it, some pressure them, some readily offer a product that is great and what customers need that make their life easier. You can’t guilt people into buying your product either. So what is the best way to make a sale? Educating your customer about it is what guarantees a legitimate and satisfactory sale. Now that we know the formula, let’s get down to writing a great sales letter in brief.

How should it be written?

One major rookie mistake is to consider the length of a sales letter. Sales letters always follow a formula- like math- and are written in a specific and strategic order. What you’re trying to do essentially is to reason out your product to your target customer. So obviously, the first thing that pops into a customer’s head is this- “What’s in it for me?”  There are 3 steps to writing a perfect copy.

1.Length of the copy 

The length comes down to what your product is. If it’s a phone, you don’t need much copy. If it’s a training program of say, sales, and then you’re going to have to do a lot of explaining to your customer. Sales letters are longer when you’ve got a lot of explaining to do- and that doesn’t mean beating around the bush.

2.Clarity and originality

Every product needs clarity- who you’re selling to, what can you do for them, and how can they follow up if they are interested.

The originality is synonymous to creativity in the copywriting business. If you can’t deliver a spell binding, awe catching pitch to them through your sales letter, then the customer will be assured that you can’t’ deliver anything with your product either. But then again, don’t show off or overdo. Too much sugar in juice makes anybody want to puke. Be likeable, subtle and to the point. Personalization and credibility are also accountable to your success.

3.Attention grabbing and lending a deaf ear

Another thing about customers is that they won’t revert back unless you provide them their comfort in terms of communication. Some people like email, some prefer Skype. The more contact options you give, the more they revert back to you. Don’t lend a deaf ear.

A sales letter is direct marketing regardless of how you send it across. This is where a crucial element sets in- the headline. This is what will set the first impression, and if it isn’t good enough, chances are that you will be overlooked. Your tone of writing must be humble too.

At WiseWordsPro, we consider every tiny element into writing a personalized, warm copy for your client, in a way that the clients feel home with your company.


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